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Barca put Rafina in Inter

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Barcelona`s leadership is ready to release midfielder Rafinia Alcantara for rent in Inter. In recent days, the Spanish press has written about negotiations between the two clubs by us football rules that are developing quite well. Rafina is expected to take a lease to Giuseppe Meazza until the summer with a EUR 18 million buy-in option. Inter is also interested in Barca Gerard Deulofeuf`s wing. But the Catalans prefer to sell it for an amount of around 15-20 million euros. Inter is unable to buy new players in the winter if it does not sell any of its current players. Otherwise, the club risks violating the rules of Financial Fairplay. It is for this reason that Deulofeuf`s transfer is unlikely to take place, and Napoley`s favorite for his signature. Rafina had recently healed a severe injury that had been knocked out of the game since April. He is 25 years old next month and can play as a midfielder behind the striker as well as on both wings.

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