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Darvis can retire at Chicago Cubs

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Free agent Yu Darvish made a six-year contract with Chicago Cubs, who can keep him in the Windy City for the rest of his MLB career. The Japanese Pitcher agreed to a total salary of $ 126 million to the final predicted by record of nfl tips of the season 2023 when it will be 37 years old.

There is a clause prohibiting transfers, as well as bonuses that may increase total pay to$ 150 million. Also, Yu has the right to break down after the World Series in 2019 and re-enter the market.

Darvish was expected to be one of the most wanted players this winter but managed to find a team just a few days before the start of the spring training. According to various information, the Japanese had a bid from the rival of the `bear` in the Central Division of the National League Milwaukee Brews, and his agent had been in contact with his former Texas Rangers and Los Angeles Dodgers clubs as well as with New York Yankees, Minnesota Twins and Champion Houston Astros.

In Cubs Yar Darvis is in fact the place of the previous assistant Jake Arietta, who is still a free agent. The other starters in the championship rotation since 2016 are John Leicester, Kyle Hendrik, Jose Kintana and Tyler Chatwoud. The 31-year-old former Olympic champion with Japan`s national team arrived in the US in 2012 when he signed with Texas. Last summer Ju was sold to the Los Angeles Dodgers to reach the World Series, but he was the loser in Match 7 against Houston. For 5 seasons in the Premier League (he missed the entire 2015 for elbow surgery), Darvis has a balance of 56-42 with 3, 42 ERA and 1021 strikes in 832 inches and 1/3. The right-hander was selected 4 times in the Star of the Year (2012, 2013, 2014, 2017).

Blog for American football predictions

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