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Huddersfield has been losing a midfielder for nearly a month

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Midfielder Aaron Muy of Huddersfield will be out of play for at least three weeks due to a knee injury. The Australian national injured the 4:1 victory of the Terriers against Bournemouth last week.

Mui will miss Saturday`s fifth round of the England-England soccer cup between Huddersfield and Manchester United. The midfielder is expected not to play in the matches mentioned by contact with american football picks of the newcomer in the elite with West Bromwich and Tottenham.

`He will miss our next two fights, and that`s for sure, and we have little hope that he can possibly play against Tottenham, but it`s not a bruise or muscle injury, that`s only a wound, but there`s an infection. , but it`s not very serious, `said David Wagner, Huddersfield`s manager.

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