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Compensation for head injuries want in NFL

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The Philadelphia court will address the claim of former American football players who want monetary compensation for brain damage from the National Football League.

The case of "Ex-football players against NFL" kicks off tomorrow, hearing the plaintiffs. According to their attorneys, former athletes suffer from chronic traumatic encephalopathy - a widespread among former players neurological disorder.

The disorder is caused by multiple brain disturbances in the game during one of the hardest sports. "My clients want appropriate NFL cash compensation because no one has ever warned them about health risks," says lawyer Stephen Moleu, who will represent the interests of some 200 former players in court.

NFL has proposed to pay $ 4 million once to the families of 7 players who died due to chronic traumatic encephalopathy by July 7th. Athletes who are diagnosed after this date will not be compensated, insist the League.

Blog for American football predictions

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