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The coin determined:San Francisco elected ninth in the scrap

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The order of choice in the draft of the NFL has already been determined. A thrown coin decides San Francisco to be under No. 9, while Oakland will have the right to selection right after them. Both teams finished with 6-10 and absolute equality in the additional criteria. Since Najrans and Auckland were from different conferences, the only way to divide them was to throw a coin. The two teams took part in a similar procedure in 2006, when San Francisco again won and chose Vernon Davies under No. 6.
The draft is from 26 to 28 April in Dallas. As both San Francisco and Oakland and Miami finished 6-10, the three teams will rotate in a special formula in rounds 2 through 7. Auckland will be ahead of the other two in the second and fifth rounds, Miami in the third and sixth, and the best-;in the fourth and seventh.

Blog for American football predictions

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