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The legion of Seattle is falling apart

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The famous Seattle Lightning Legion is about to collapse. The vice-champions of NFC West are expected to release Richard Sherman within 48 hours. The team is currently trying to find a partner for a possible deal. If one does not show up, the cornbork will become a free agent after his capture from Las Vegas where he attends the annual meeting of the Players` Union. Sherman is currently recovering from a torn Achilles, for which he has missed the last two months of the season.
In addition, another of the main defending figures leaves Seattle. Endeavor Michael Bennett was sent to Philadelphia along with the right to choose in the seventh round of the draft next month. Against this backdrop, the champions returned Wise Boxer Marcus Johnson (b. 5 rebounds for 45 yards in his career) and a selection in the fifth round.
Separation with Sherman and Bennett will allow Seattle to land about $ 13. 2 million and to ease the financial grip. Calculations say yesterday will have about $ 24 million available to the salary ceiling, but also 33 free agents!

Blog for American football predictions

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