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LeBron hit the Lakers with a triple-double

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LeBron James recorded his 59th triple-dublin career, and Kevin Loved added 28 points to the Cleveland Cavaliers with 121:112 over the Los Angeles Lakers. James finished the match with 25 points, 12 rebounds and 12 assists, and leveled the legend Larry Bird in 6th place in this NBA history. Otherwise, the team registered the 16th victory in 17 games. Lav scored 13 points in the third part of the match according record of nfl tips when the Cavs pulled 11 points and eventually congratulated the 10th victory as hosts. Jose Calderon added 17, which is his record for the League season. Lonzo Boll, who is a junk for one of the most promising young players in the League, was chosen from the Lakers scratch, scored 13 points, made 10 assists and took 8 rebounds. He stood up for the first time with his idol James in this meeting. Brandon Ingram scored 26 for the Lakers and the team had 10 wins and 17 defeats in third place in the Pacific Division.

Blog for American football predictions

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