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Simeone:Loss is a step forward, not backward

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Atletico coach Madrid Diego Simeone stayed calm after the first loss for the `mats` season, who retreated 0:1 in their visit to Espanyol in a 17th round of the Primera Division. This was the first defeat for Sofia players in 20 games, the series started at the end of last season. `In the course of the game, it was clear that the team that first made a mistake would lose, we were mistaken, and Espanyol did not. ` The match adviced by american football livescore was tough and equally heavy, and the hosts showed tactical literacy. `The first loss after a series of 20 games without a defeat is always a step forward and not back. ` I hope our next loss will be again after such an impressive series, `argues the Argentine.

Blog for American football predictions

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